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etckeeper, bind jnl files and git-pack memory problems


For last few years, one of first tools which we install on each new server is etckeeper. It saved us couple of times, and provides nice documentation about changes on the system. However, git can take a lot of space if you have huge files which change frequently (at least ... pročitajte više

Let's hack cheap hardware - 2016 edition


Last week I head pleasure to present at two conferences in two different cities: DORS/CLUC 2016 and Osijek Mini Maker Fair on topic of cheap hardware from China which can be improved with little bit of software or hardware hacking. It was well received, and I hope thet you will ... pročitajte više

Remember the sabbath day


I made a small Python script for checking how many Git commits have been done during the weekend days. It is a simple idea. Only mark the days when commits have been done. Don’t think too much about number of commits or how many changes have been done. It is ... pročitajte više

Debian OpenLDAP with GnuTLS and OpenSSL certificates


Every few years we have to renew SSL certificates. And there is always something which can go wrong. So I decided to reproduce exact steps here so that Google can find it for next unfortunate soul who has same problem. Let's examine old LDAP configuration: deenes:/etc/ldap/slapd.d# grep ssl cn\=config.ldif olcTLSCACertificateFile: ... pročitajte više

FSec 2015 - Raspberry PI for all your GPIO needs


When I started playing with Raspberry Pi, I was a novice in electronics (and I should probably note that I'm still one :-). But since then, I did learn a few things, and along that journey I also figured out that Raspberry Pi is great little device which can be ... pročitajte više




Hacklab u mami

Hacklab u mami je javni radni prostor tehnoloških entuzijasta u klubu mama. Inicirala ga je grupa okupljena oko programa Razmjena vještina.
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